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Gallery Cache aspires to be a new way to experience art- less a museum and art gallery, and more a salon.  It is an environment that doesn’t insist on hushed tones, rooms so quiet you can hear foot steps, and condescending curators.

Art is provocative, and should move us to interaction, dialogue, and an exchange of ideas.  Our format allows for this just sort of exchange.  From each image post, you can leave a comment, ask a question, answer a question, or start a dialogue.  Teach others, learn something, express your ideas, and contribute to our growing community.

  • Tell us what you think of a piece, why you like, it, and how it makes you feel
  • Do you know something about the history of a work?   Share it.
  • Note an aesthetic or technical detail
  • “Like” your favorites, and share them using our Facebook and Twitter buttons

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